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I absolutely love the gameplay and the music! The graphics are amazing and the satisfaction of playing this is high. This was a joy to play and absolutely stunning. The music just clicks in the right spot, as well. It suits it and almost made me emotional at the end. You should be proud of your work, and I look forward to it becoming a finished product. Thank you for this excellent work of art!

This gets very intense the further you get, for sure. I think I just spent all my energy...

AlexTheGreatish responds:

Thank you for playing. Drink a couple gallons of your favorite energy drink and then give it another shot.
P.S. Don't actually drink a couple gallons of your favorite energy drink, or any other energy drink for that matter.

I think I would've enjoyed this game a lot more if each level was as hard as the boss fight, which was the only enjoyable thing to beat. All the levels are very buggy and need patching
Try to make it to where before the level restarts, you have to put your mouse on a certain spot as a start area. That would make a lot more sense than to just be able to go directly to any point on the field without trouble.

JacobMcKissock responds:

Thanks for the advice, glad you liked the boss fight! The game actually worked out a lot better when it was in exe form rather than HTMI5 form so all the levels ended up messed up. Going to redo the game to include more levels like the boss fight, like a lot more avoid and then attack kind of things

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This is just the original version with effects added over it.. It actually makes the drop unbearable sometimes.
Perhaps you should try to make a work from scratch and have it truly your own!

All I can say is that I don't understand why there is a 4/4 beat to a song in 6/8. I couldn't listen any further than the first 17 seconds. I'm sorry, but all I can say is to fix the technicalities.

Pretty accurate for the most part, but I just feel like the beat could've changed in different parts of the song. With the beat being so static, it made the song less interesting. There's also a lot of clipping, which is when the audio is distorted by loud audio inputs, like when it has the falling chords at around 00:34 in the song.
I think being aware of volumes and changing things up a bit should do the trick. Other than that, great work!

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I thought this was photoshopped/hand drawn until I saw the pixels?? Was this raw pixel art or converted to lower quality but still looks good? It's also good art nonetheless, good job!

I love your attention to each pixel during the gif! You have it flow so well from one frame to the next.

This is so amazing! I love the colours and the design of your dragon. Great job!

I am a creative and imaginative person. I like to look at things differently than others. I enjoy composing music and playing piano, as well as drawing cute things.



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